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What We Do

We are a fully equipped veterinary hospital and emergency unit, staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. This means that at any time, on any day of the year, we are here, capable and ready to help. Here are just a few examples of some of the ways we are able to help

Vaccinations and Check-Ups

F3, FIV, C5, C3, Bb, Pi and whatever other acronyms you can throw at us!

Cancer Care

Major cancer resection surgery, or adjusting to life with cancer, sadly, it’s all too common for us.


Bee stings to snake bites, swollen to not-breathing, we have the facilities, antivenin and intensive care facilities.


Rat poison. Snail bait. Antifreeze. Fox Poison. And the rest. We see it all.

Ate Something I Shouldn’t Have

Whether all that’s needed is a good vomit, or midnight surgery, we can help.


We are into mouths that not only look good, but feel fantastic. No cosmetic procedures here, ‘no anaesthesia-free dentistry’ - fully comprehensive dental treatments only.

Spinal Disease

The difference between paralysis and life-saving surgery is quick diagnostics, especially CT. Do not delay.


Small wounds, big wounds (and we do mean BIG).

Palliative Care

End of life care is all about good quality of life. We take this extremely seriously, and are passionate about entering this journey with you.

Illness Care

Sore tummies, coughing, limping, and everything in between. Most diagnostics can be performed under own roof, with results back in less than an hour.

When it just can’t wait

Sometimes, it just can’t wait until the morning. When your regular veterinarian is closed, we’re here, and want to help.