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If your pet has an ongoing prescription for medication, you can use this form to renew that order. Usually, you will be able to collect your pets medicine within two business days. You’ll receive an email from us the moment it’s ready to go.


This form can only be used by clients of Ringwood Vet Hospital and Emergency, whose pets have been seen directly by one of our veterinarians. If this does not apply to you and your pet, please call us to make an appointment.

For our parents of pet’s requiring ongoing prescriptions, please remember that all medications require regular monitoring examinations and blood testing, at minimum. If your pet is overdue for any of these monitoring requirements, we will contact you by phone prior to filling any prescription.

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*Ticking this box means that you have had a formal consultation with your pet and our veterinarians, and we are familiar with your pet and their medical needs. If you have not had an official consultation with us, please contact us to book a consultation first.
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